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Robin Bell
District Superintendent
Rev Robin Bell

Becky Hoener
Executive Assistant
Becky Hoener

Elena Porter
Part-Time Administrative Assistant
Elena Porter

(636) 891-8004 ext 21
Fax: (636) 891-9700
514 Earth City Expressway, Suite 355
St. Louis, Missouri 63045

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District Mission Council

Board of Trustees/Mission Council (¶2518):
Serving the multiple function of Board of Trustees, Committee on District Superintendency and District Board of Church Location and Building. Consist of not fewer than three nor more than nine members in accordance with 610.5 having the same qualifications as trustees of local churches (2525).
Clergy Members:

  • Designated Chair of Dist. Superintendency – Rev. Stacie Williams, FE, Arch (Hannibal)
  • Designated Chair of Trustees/Building and Location – TBD
  • Designated Chair of Finances – Rev. Stephanie Leonard, PL, Unity
  • Rev. Donna Clark Fuller, FE, Memphis
  • Rev. Beomseon Hong, FL, Centenary (Louisiana)/Clarksville
  • Rev. Jim Peich, PE, Cornerstone
  • Rev. Nick Savage, FL, Salem in Ladue
  • Rev. Daniel Shanks, FE, Arlington
  • Rev. Karen Shearer, PL, Grace (Madison)

Lay Members:

  • Randy Biggerstaff, The Well
  • Colette Cummings, Maplewood
  • Robin Davis, Union Memorial
  • Shaun Tooley, Arlington