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Missouri Conference Safe Gatherings Expectations

posted on May 10

The Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church is committed to providing safe places of worship and fellowship to everyone we serve. To that end, it is the Conference’s expectation that:

  1. Every clergy appointed or layperson assigned must have current Safe Gatherings certification (certification is renewed every three years).
  1. Every church must have a Child Abuse and Abuse of Vulnerable Adults Prevention Policy with accompanying procedures. 
    • This policy should be reviewed annually by the church’s governance board and any updates or revisions approved during the annual charge conference.
    • This policy should include expectations and procedures for the certification of all volunteers working with children, youth and vulnerable adults. Volunteer certification should include the following components: application, abuse prevention training including State of Missouri Mandatory Reporting training, background check and at least two reference checks.
    • Every volunteer or staff who works with children, youth and vulnerable adults should review the church’s local policy annually. 

The Conference strongly suggests local churches use Safe Gatherings for their volunteer certification process. In 2020, the Missouri Conference transitioned its online abuse prevention program from Safe Sanctuaries to Safe Gatherings. Safe Gatherings is a third-party abuse prevention system for clergy and lay volunteers working with children, youth and vulnerable adults and includes all the needed components mentioned above for proper vetting and training.
For convenience, the Missouri Conference has created accounts for every local church with Safe Gatherings. To access your account and begin certifying volunteers, please visit or contact their support staff at (888) 241-8258. If your church needs to remove or add someone as a Safe Gatherings Administrator, please call the number above.
We celebrate the 162 churches in the Missouri Annual Conference have reached the highest level of commitment to provide safe places for worship and fellowship for all vulnerable groups they serve. A Safe Gatherings-certified church at the highest level of commitment means that the church has at least 4% of the congregation’s average weekly attendance Safe Gatherings approved. 

Please connect with staff in our Office of Next Generation Ministries or visit our website to learn more about creating safe places for all people in our churches including sample policies. 



  1. Adrian UMC--Adrian, MO
  2. Advance United Methodist Church--Advance, MO
  3. Aldersgate UMC of Nixa--Nixa, MO
  4. Aldrich United Methodist Church--Aldrich, MO
  5. All Faith United Methodist Church--Eagle Rock, MO
  6. Antioch United Methodist Church--Springfield, MO
  7. Archie United Methodist Church--Archie, MO
  8. Aurora United Methodist Church--Aurora, MO
  9. Ava United Methodist Church--Ava, MO
  10. Avondale United Methodist Church--Kansas City, MO
  11. Bethel UMC Wildwood--Wildwood, MO
  12. Bois D'Arc United Methodist Church--Bois D'Arc, MO
  13. Broadway UMC in Plattsburg--Plattsburg, MO
  14. California United Methodist Church--California, MO
  15. Camdenton United Methodist Church--Camdenton, MO
  16. Cameron United Methodist Church--Cameron, MO
  17. Campbell United Methodist Church--Springfield, MO
  18. Carrollton United Methodist Church--Carrollton, MO
  19. Cassidy United Methodist Church--Nixa, MO
  20. Cassville First United Methodist Church--Cassville, MO
  21. Centenary UMC of Cape Girardeau--Cape Girardeau, MO closing
  22. Centennial United Methodist of Kansas City--Kansas City, MO
  23. Central UMC Webb City--Webb City, MO
  24. Charleston United Methodist Church--Charleston, MO
  25. Chillicothe United Methodist Church--Chillicothe, MO
  26. Christ UMC of Independence--Independence, MO
  27. Clair United Methodist Church--Saint Joseph, MO
  28. Clarence United Methodist Church--Clarence, MO
  29. Clinton United Methodist Church--Clinton, MO
  30. Cole Camp United Methodist Church--Cole Camp, MO
  31. Community United Methodist Church of Columbia--Columbia, MO
  32. Concord Trinity United Methodist Church---St. Louis, MO
  33. Cornerstone United Methodist Church O'Fallon--O'Fallon, MO
  34. Country Club United Methodist Church--Kansas City, MO
  35. Court Street United Methodist Church--Fulton, MO closing
  36. Cuba United Methodist Church--Cuba, MO
  37. Eldon United Methodist Church--Eldon, MO
  38. Elm Grove UMC--Rogersville, MO
  39. Elsberry United Methodist Church--Elsberry, MO
  40. Fair Grove United Methodist Church--Fair Grove, MO
  41. Fairview UMC Columbia--Columbia, MO
  42. Faith UMC Grain Valley--Grain Valley, MO
  43. Faithbridge United Methodist Church--Osage Beach, MO
  44. Fenton United Methodist Church--Fenton, MO
  45. First Saint Charles UMC--Saint Charles, MO
  46. First UMC of Rolla--Rolla, MO
  47. First United Methodist Church of Blue Springs-Blue Springs, MO
  48. First United Methodist Church of Carthage--Carthage, MO
  49. First United Methodist Church of Excelsior Springs--Excelsior Springs, MO
  50. First United Methodist Church of Festus--Festus, MO
  51. First United Methodist Church of Jefferson City--Jefferson City, MO
  52. First United Methodist Church of Joplin--Joplin, MO
  53. First United Methodist Church of Kennett--Kennett, MO
  54. First United Methodist Church of Lebanon--Lebanon, MO
  55. First United Methodist Church of Monett--Monett, MO
  56. First United Methodist Church of Mount Vernon--Mt. Vernon, MO
  57. First United Methodist Church of Park Hills--Park Hills, MO
  58. First United Methodist Church of Poplar Bluff--Poplar Bluff, MO
  59. First United Methodist Church of Sedalia--Sedalia, MO
  60. First United Methodist Church of Sikeston---Sikeston, MO
  61. First United Methodist Church of Warrensburg--Warrensburg, MO
  62. First United Methodist Church of West Plains--West Plains, MO
  63. First United Methodist/Presbyterian Church Montgomery City--Montgomery City, MO
  64. First Washington United Methodist Church--Washington, MO
  65. Francis Street First United Methodist Church--Saint Joseph, MO
  66. Gallatin United Methodist Church--Gallatin, MO
  67. Gashland United Methodist Church--Kansas City, MO
  68. Grace El Dorado Springs United Methodist Church--El Dorado Springs, MO
  69. Grace UMC – Springfield--Springfield, MO
  70. Grace UMC - St. Louis--St. Louis, MO
  71. Grace UMC Higginsville--Higginsville, MO
  72. Grace UMC Sullivan--Sullivan, MO
  73. Gravois Mills United Methodist Church--Gravois Mills, MO
  74. Gray Summit United Methodist Church--Gray Summit, MO
  75. Green Trails United Methodist Church--Chesterfield, MO
  76. Harper Chapel United Methodist Church--Osage Beach, MO
  77. Harrisonville United Methodist Church--Harrisonville, MO
  78. Hermann United Methodist Church--Hermann, MO
  79. Hillsboro United Methodist Church--Hillsboro, MO
  80. Holden First United Methodist Church--Holden, MO
  81. Hood UMC Republic--Republic, MO
  82. Hope United Methodist Church--Lone Jack, MO
  83. Houston United Methodist Church--Houston, MO
  84. Huffman United Methodist Church--St. Joseph, MO
  85. Immanuel UMC – Canton--Canton, MO
  86. Independence First United Methodist Church--Independence, MO
  87. Jefferson Avenue United Methodist Church--Moberly, MO
  88. Keystone United Methodist Church--Kansas City, MO
  89. Kimberling City United Methodist Church--Kimberling City, MO
  90. King's Way United Methodist Church--Springfield, MO
  91. Kirkwood United Methodist Church--Kirkwood, MO
  92. Knob Noster United Methodist Church--Knob Noster, MO
  93. La Monte United Methodist Church--La Monte, MO
  94. Lafayette Park United Methodist Church--St. Louis, MO
  95. Lake Lotawana United Methodist Church--Lake Lotawana, MO
  96. Lamar United Methodist Church--Lamar, MO
  97. Lexington United Methodist Church--Lexington, MO
  98. Liberty UMC Liberty--Liberty, MO
  99. Licking United Methodist Church--Licking, MO
  100. Lucas UMC Urich--Urich, MO
  101. Macon United Methodist Church--Macon, MO
  102. Manchester United Methodist Church--Manchester, MO
  103. Maplewood United Methodist Church--Maplewood, MO
  104. Marshall First United Methodist Church--Marshall, MO
  105. Marshfield United Methodist Church--Marshfield, MO
  106. Memorial United Methodist Church of Farmington--Farmington, MO
  107. Memphis United Methodist Church--Memphis, MO
  108. Missouri United Methodist Church--Columbia, MO
  109. Mound City United Methodist Church--Mound City, MO
  110. Mount Zion United Methodist Church--St. Louis, MO
  111. Nelson Memorial UMC East Prairie--East Prairie, MO
  112. New Hope UMC Arnold--Arnold, MO
  113. New McKendree United Methodist Church--Jackson, MO
  114. New Salem UMC Daisy--Perryville, MO
  115. Noel United Methodist Church--Noel, MO
  116. North Cross United Methodist Church--Kansas City, MO
  117. North Park United Methodist Church--St. Louis, MO
  118. North Star United Methodist Church--Kansas City, MO
  119. Northern Boulevard United Methodist Church--Independence, MO
  120. Odessa First United Methodist Church--Odessa, MO
  121. Ohio Street United Methodist Church--Butler, MO
  122. Open Hearts UMC Bolivar--Bolivar, MO
  123. Ozark Chapel United Methodist Church--Laurie, MO
  124. Ozark United Methodist Church--Ozark, MO
  125. Pacific United Methodist Church--Pacific, MO
  126. Palmyra United Methodist Church--Palmyra, MO
  127. Park First United Methodist Church Hannibal--Hannibal, MO
  128. Peculiar United Methodist Church--Peculiar, MO
  129. Platte City United Methodist Church--Platte City, MO
  130. Platte Woods United Methodist Church--Platte Woods, MO
  131. Pleasant Grove UMC Hatton--Auxvasse, MO
  132. Pomme de Terre United Methodist Church--Hermitage, MO
  133. Red Bridge United Methodist Church--Kansas City, MO
  134. Richmond United Methodist Church--Richmond, MO
  135. Rock Port United Methodist Church--Rock Port, MO
  136. Salem UMC St Louis--St. Louis, MO
  137. Salem United Methodist Church--Salem, MO
  138. Savannah United Methodist Church--Savannah, MO
  139. Schweitzer United Methodist Church--Springfield, MO
  140. Shiloh UMC Foristell--Foristell, MO
  141. St Mark's UMC – Independence--Independence, MO
  142. St. James UMC - Kansas City--Kansas City, MO
  143. St. John's UMC - Kansas City--Kansas City, MO
  144. St. Lukes UMC St. Louis--St. Louis, MO
  145. St. Paul's UMC Raymore--Raymore, MO
  146. The Downtown Church Springfield--Springfield, MO
  147. The River at Eureka--Eureka, MO
  148. The Summit UMC--Lee's Summit, MO
  149. The United Methodist Church of Nevada--Nevada, MO
  150. The Way Church--Wentzville, MO
  151. Theodosia United Methodist Church--Theodosia, MO
  152. Trinity UMC – Piedmont--Piedmont, MO
  153. Trinity UMC Moberly--Moberly, MO
  154. United Methodist Church at Wentzville--Wentzville, MO
  155. Vienna United Methodist Church--Vienna, MO
  156. Waypoint United Methodist Church --Waynesville, MO
  157. Webster Hills United Methodist Church--Webster Groves, MO
  158. Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church--Festus, MO
  159. Wesley UMC - Jefferson City--Jefferson City, MO
  160. Weston United Methodist Church--Weston, MO
  161. Wheaton United Methodist Church--Wheaton, MO
  162. Zion UMC – Gordonville--Gordonville, MO