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2023 Consultation Forms Due November 1

posted on August 23

The 2023 Consultation Forms are now available for download on the Forms page of the district website. These are the forms that should be completed by every pastor and church stating their intent for the pastor to stay, move or either. The Consultation Forms are not the same as the Evaluation Forms.

  • 2023 Pastor Consultation Form (for Lead/Senior Pastors)

  • 2023 Appointed Associate Pastor Consultation Form (Completed by Senior Pastor and PPR for Associate Pastors)

  • 2023 PPR Consultation Form (If you need help with the form, click here for a video tutorial)

Every pastor serving under appointment is required to complete a Consultation Form. The PPR at each church is required to complete one as well. It is the pastor's responsibility to make sure all forms are completed and signed before submitting them to the district office. All forms must be fully completed with all questions answered. Even if you are requesting your pastor to Remain, all additional questions must still be answered. Putting "N/A" as an answer will not be accepted. We will not accept any forms submitted incomplete or unsigned.

The deadline to submit the forms to the district office is November 1. It is important to meet this deadline to give the DS a chance to review the forms and set up the necessary meetings in preparation for Cabinet meetings in January.

Becky Hoener

514 Earth City Expy

Earth City, MO 63045