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Charge Conference Forms & Schedule - Due December 1

posted on August 21

Charge Conference forms are available for download on the Forms page of the district website. The deadline to submit your forms to the district office is Friday, December 1. For full time clergy, this will also include your 2024 Pastoral Support Addendum (which is not yet available) to be completed following your health insurance enrollment this year. 

The forms must be voted on and approved by your leadership team prior to the December 1 deadline. Please submit a copy of the minutes from that meeting with your forms to confirm approval.  You can submit your forms via one of the following methods:

  1. Email -

  2. Fax - (636) 891-9700

  3. or Mail - 514 Earth City Expressway, Suite 355, St. Louis, MO 63045

NOTE - The annual Laity Report has changed for this year. It is no longer the Lay Servant Report. Under the Conference's new Lay Ministry guidelines launched this year, it is no longer required for all laity to fill out. Those in process to earning Certified Pulpit Supply (formerly Certified Lay Speaker) and Certified Lay Minister, and those who already have one of those statuses, are asked to fill out the 2023 Laity Annual Report for charge conferences. Please only submit the Laity Report for those seeking approval or renewal in one of those categories.

We will not accept any incomplete forms or forms that do not have ALL of the necessary signatures. Any paperwork not turned in by December 1 will result in removal from your timeslot on the Sign Up and a conversation with the DS. 

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The Northeast District will host Charge Conferences in January-February 2024 to vote on the 2023 Charge Conference Forms. Of these 7 date/time options, 5 will be virtual via Zoom and 2 will be in person. Each church/charge should sign up for one option. Please use the Comment box to indicate the estimated number of attendees from your church. At least one member of the council who approved the documents must be present at the charge conference.

With overwhelming support from churches, the charge conference format has changed. They will be approx. 30 minutes in total and will be dedicated to just the business of voting on the charge conference forms. Our fellowship and learning times are around Annual Conference events and workshops in our district.

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Even though the charge conference dates will be in early-January, the Pastoral Support Form and new leadership teams will still be effective January 1.

Becky Hoener

514 Earth City Expy

St. Louis, MO 63045