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Free Resource: Creating a Local Church Disaster Preparedness Plan

posted on June 28

Sometimes it is hard to think about a disaster when we are not in the “season.” Being prepared for a disaster of any form and any magnitude is crucial for your church, its members and the community. The key to being prepared is to make people aware of the plan, both church and community, and to practice and update your plan on a regular basis. This guide will help you to think through and formulate a disaster response plan for your local church.

Download the Free Resource


Local Church Disaster Response Resources Form

Another piece of the readiness puzzle is understanding where assets are located. When a disaster hits, information gathered ahead of time makes it easier to coordinate the help that affected individuals and local organizations need.

Conference Disaster Response Coordinator Scott Burdin is working to get a better idea of where United Methodist-related resources lie in Missouri. The Local Church Disaster Response Resources Form will help us identify churches who are willing to host teams, have showers, have professionally trained church members (doctors, nurses, counselors, etc.) who are willing to help, have equipment staging areas and more.

Work with your local church to fill out the form below. We recommend that you assemble a group of leaders who work and serve in areas related to those on the form (i.e. trustees, building supervisor, disaster coordinator, hospitality coordinator, missions director, etc. ) and fill it out together. You can start the form, submit it and re-access it later to make updates. If your church does not have any of the assets listed, or is not interested in helping, please note that on the form. All information is helpful!

View the Form